Monday, January 30, 2006

Check it out! I'm on GETV

Josh Wolf sticks it to the Man

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I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by the lovely and talented Irina Slutsky of Geek Entertainment Television. During the interview I had a chance to pitch the idea I have for the Rise Up Network. If this seems like a good idea to you and you have any sort of skills or connections to help make this project happen. Please E-mail me, I'm really excited about the idea I have for RUN but I don't really have the means to make it happen. C'mon, you know you wanna help make it happen. You TOO can help change the world...
Taking one for the team is never easy, especially on your birthday but that’s exactly what Josh Wolf did. He tells GETV how to go about getting arrested, an interesting business model that will enable independent online video creators to get paid and some of his favorite videos. Episode links: joshwolf, thisrevolution, riseupnetwork, arrested birthday, police sound system,, hassled in amsterdam


Federal Grand Jury Regarding July 8th Protest

UPDATEMy lawyer and I have been granted a two week continuance before we must appear before the grandjury. More information coming soon.

*** is currently down, my website is still accessible through my blogger account. As soon as the domain transfer is complete, I'll be importing this blog into wordpress. ***

On July 8th, I shot a video of a protest in the city of San Francisco. During this protest, a police officer was injured during some sort of assumed altercation. My video which I posted to Indybay ended up being used by all the major news outlets without my permission. After sending them a bill for the unauthorized use of the tape, I agreed to give them a full-quality copy of the edited video I had already posted.

Around this time I got a visit from the FBI, they asked for a copy of the video and after speaking with my lawyer told them that they would need to consider this conversation with him and I was not at this point in time going to provide them with a copy of the tape.

Fast-forward about 6 months: I get another visit from the same FBI agents and I am delivered a subpoena to appear before a federal grand jury on February 2nd, this upcoming Thursday.

I'm a little worried about this whole thing, so please wish me luck guys... There should be a couple of videos leading up to and following the experience. So please stay tuned!

This is Scary...

Renegade sent me this link to a post on Indybay about an FBI informant by the name ofAnnA. Scary shit.

"Anna", the successful FBI infiltrator of at least a dozen anarchist events/movements, left a trail of posts on various IndyMedia outlets. Interestingly, search engines do not turn up any posts by "Anna" outside of IndyMedia. Evidently, the FBI considers IndyMedia to be the communications lifeblood of the anarchist movement.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Let's Make Hash: Morroccan Style

Let's Make Hash: Morroccan Style

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This video tells you how to make hash and was shot and cut by Len and myself, our friend Abdel provided the talent...