Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Grand Jury Hits the SF Weekly

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Ryan Blitsein's article about me was just published on SF Weekly's website.
To Wolf, the government subpoena of his tape represents a threat to his ability to gather news as an independent reporter. He believes it's yet another reel cast in a Justice Department fishing expedition that will stop at nothing to put his activist compatriots behind bars.

All & all, I think Ryan did a pretty good job with the article, as can be expected there are a few things I'd disagree with and the legal help line for the NLG is 285-1011 (not 205-1011), but all in all pretty good.

I would like to point out one inaccurate fact which I think is very important to note, Ryan writes: "When he realized his July protest video was worth something, he sold an edited version to local TV stations."

I did not sell my footage when I realized my footage was worth something. I sold my footage whn I realized it was being used without my permission. It is true that I sold the rights to Brian Shields beforehand, but I did not do so after finding out there was a "market" for the footage.


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