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SFPD Video Scandal

SFPD Video Scandal

watch me!

Members of the SFPD recently posted a video to the internet which has generated a large amount of controversy.

From the Chronicle:
About 20 San Francisco police officers will be suspended because of their alleged involvement in what the mayor and police chief describe as videos that mock minorities and treat women as sex objects, the officials said Wednesday night....

An officer at the department's Bayview station, who is among those ordered suspended, produced the videos over the past two years using other officers and acquaintances and intended them as morale boosters, he and his attorney said Wednesday night. The officer denied he had done anything wrong, and his attorney said the suspensions were a politically motivated attack on free speech.
In my opinion this is not an issue of free speech. First off, as Andrew Cohen, one of the officers central to the investigation, had been hired to produce video for the police department, so this video was in all likelihood made possible by the tax payers of San Francisco.

Furthermore, unless the officers can prove that they were off-duty while shooting and producing this video, then this is what they were working on when they could've been actually doing their jobs and that is obviously a major problem.


At 5:04 PM, Blogger J Koo said...

Even if it's none of those things, they're still using police equipment (squad cars, sirens) and being in uniform as they made these. Wouldn't those be at least against deparment policy, if not illegal?

At 9:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In terms of this cop video, yea, it's a little crazy, but very funny! I think that half the nation would want to do the same things that are in the video to all those nuts in San Fran!

More importantly, about the anti-military protest at that San Fran College, give me a break. We have a great presidential leader, and all you do is complain and scream out "We want MORE rights!" Will any of you EVER be happy?

Why don't YOU do something positive for this country, and if choose not to, and all you do is protest and you're that un-happy, and America 'sucks' so bad, THEN LEAVE!!! I'll buy all your tickets to get out of MY COUNTRY!

California, the land of fruits and've proven it to be true!

At 12:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they were on the clock, then that is a problem and they should be reprimanded.

If they were using police equipment illegally, then that is also an issue that should be addressed (even though city and state governments "rent" out equipment and vehicles for movie productions, and I doubt tax payers see any discount in taxes).

HOWEVER, the mayor is classic with respect to his tolerance. Specifically, he's ashamed of this sexist and inappropriate video, yet the city government condones (dare I say supports) the parade of naked men prancing and spanking each other on public streets?
What is it with San Fran and its selective morality? And when did the transgender community become a defined "community?" Maybe they should have special rights too!

The police should be punished for what they did wrong and the fact that they should behave above reproach, but don't turn this into another political agenda.

At 11:14 AM, Blogger R said...

I love it how people that have a lot of big things to say hide behind the "anonymous" moniker. Wimpsters!

Hey, don't the cops have a lot of work to do over there - how do they find the time to make these dumbass videos at taxpayer expense? The content that I've seen (supposedly there are worse ones that haven't been put out there) is really stupid and embarrassing to the SFPD and only goes to show the disconnect/disrespect they have with the community they are supposed to be serving. Putting the videos online was another big mistake. If anything's funny it's the DUH factor here.

At 4:35 PM, Anonymous Rosa said...

The police videos seem to be in the same vein as other police satires and comedies. The Cop who sees himself as the most handsome around-very Police Academy. The patrolman talking about his concern for the community as he runs someone over--very Reno 911. The police Capt. tongue stuff-very Super Troopers. All these comedies are fiction of course but then so is this video.

Since it seems that the SFP officers used company time and company equipment it is reasonable that people are getting in trouble.

It seems from the videos shown that the non-police actors were all willing participants so I can't see much disrespect there. However if as Renegade mentioned there were other "worse" videos made that would go a long way in explaining the Mayor's hysterical priggishness.

At 5:08 PM, Anonymous Stuart Brazzle, TN EMT-IV said...

A few officers made a funny video, it may have been a little crude but big whoop. These brave men and women made fun of themselves and others, so what.
Most of the people making a stink about this video have never worked in Emergency Services (PD/FD/EMS). All the makers of this video were trying to do is boost moral with humor, the guys (and gals)of SFPD needed something to get their minds off the bullets, bums, and bongs on the streets of San Fran. The administration of SFPD is doing a great disservice to its officers and citizens by not just handling this "Scandal" quietly. Instead of handling the scandal with a quiet conversation, the SFPD brass has made the decision to be short-handed 20 officers, forcing hundreds of overworked/underpaid officers to miss time with loved ones. If the video was so bad, why so much attention brought to it, without a press conference the nation would never have known about this video.

The leadership of SFPD need to send some people to a sensitivity training class, themselves.

At 8:24 PM, Anonymous kimdom said...

anonymous has got to be a cop! soon if not already...

At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Aric said...

The videos are lame; those were just a few idiot cops trying to be funny. Yeah, racism and intolerance are major issues that we as a society need desperately to address... But the "racisim"/sexisim and such in the couple of vidieos is way less than what we all see any night at most bars or social functions. I deal with racism constantly and it is offensive, but the fact is there are morons out there, we all know this. Those cops were retarded to use police equipment and show unprofessional attitudes but it was hardly offinsive. Stupid yes, offinsive??? I don't know about that. Now the anonymous person that is complaining about protestors has obviously forgetton what America is, a place of many opinions, beliefs and a country founded on dissent. We are here because we want to be able to complain about the bad stuff so things can get better. If all of the people that voiced their opinions left America we would loose a big part of the "democracy" the -demos, or the people... DUDE...

At 2:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think more video's should be made. plus all you dumbshits who are against this video should try working a day at bayview and hunters point. jackoffs!!


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