Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Interview with Mark Hertsgaard

Interview With Mark Hertsgaard
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I had a chance to help shoot an interview with Mark Hertsgaard for Independent World Television recently. Mark is a correspondent on the environment for The Nation and a political correspondent for Link TVDuring the interview Mark talked at length about climate change and how the media covers the issue of the environment.

Independent World Television is a new non-profit television news station set for its initial launch in 2007. It should be an incredible station when it launches. Check out their site, and please do help them out if you are inclined and can afford to do so. It costs money to free the media from the corporations...


At 5:05 PM, Blogger Nathan Peters said...

I read some interesting research that suggesged that global warming and cooling was a natural phenomenon that takes place in regular cycles (26,000 years or so) and that we have had over 120 ice ages in this planets history. I wonder how perceptions would change if people realized that globabl warming is not the end of the world, but just the 120th warm period on this planet and that 15,000 years from now we'll go through another ice age no matter what we do anyway.

At 3:11 PM, Blogger R said...

Recent studies have proven that CO2 levels have been the highest now than in the past 650,000 years, which would indicate radical difference than the last warming trend which probably took place about 420,000 years ago. Oil resources are going to run out anyway. If the planet's population survives massive flooding, countless natural disasters, the wiping out of ecosystems and wars for oil, maybe then we will wake up and start using alternative fuel. It is totally irresponsible to continue on the path of unsustainability when we have this knowledge.

At 3:51 AM, Blogger WorkOutWellForAll said...

I almost gagged when I first heard this guy's voice.

Oh no, I thought, another vacuuming bullshitter.

Once I had calmed myself, realizing that he was not actually in the room with me, and that I could later express my revulsion towards him, then I figured out a little more about what is going on with the environmental 'movement'.

This guy has more esteem for establishment scientists than they deserve.

What are they other than low-paid government or corporate researchers?

I've talked with scientists, and when politics comes up, they are willfully naive. Giggles all around.

Well, I'd watch out, because 'climate change' sounds a lot like 'tax reform' and 'war on terrorism' to me.

This Nation guy actually quoted one of these esteemed scientific intellects saying, "Global warming is the biggest threat in the world today. Even more dangerous than international terrorism. The most dangerous threat in 5000 years."


Climate Change more important than Osama bin Laden?

I see...

Looks to me like we've got a half-witted government disinformation agent on our hands here.

And since we've had these imbeciles in power so long, it wouldn't surprise me if this guy is the best the Nation, the US 'liberal' weekly, has to offer.

You can tell this guy was 'educated' by Republicans.

That's why he insists so often that what he's talking about is so important, and how confident confident he is.

Totally bullshitting.

That's what this guy was doing.

Good of you to catch him on the fly -- you can see right through these guys if you get them to sit down and talk without cues for a few minutes.

I wrote another comment about the environmental movement as a big fat manipulation to keep people NOT focused on overall right-wing ideology.

At 12:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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