Sunday, December 11, 2005

College Not Combat: Relief Not War

College Not Combat: Relief Not War
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On December 6th of this year in the financial district, College not Combat organized a march and rally. Alison Stevens Rodrigues writes in Beyond Chron:
This protest and similar ones across the country coincided with the U.S. Supreme Court’s hearing of arguments for and against the constitutionality of the Solomon Amendment in Rumsfeld v. FAIR (Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights). Enacted in 1995 and named after its sponsor Gerald Solomon, a Republican from New York, the Solomon Act is a federal law allowing the Secretary of Defense to deny federal grants to institutions of higher education if they prohibit or prevent military recruitment on campus.

Rene over at Luxomedia put some video together from the event as well...


At 8:47 AM, Anonymous liz said...

Really great video, easy to understand the words to the song, too.


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