Saturday, November 12, 2005

My Response to Bill O' Reilly

My Response to Bill O'Reilly

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Bill O'Reilly:
If al-Qaida comes in here and blows you up, we're not going to do anything about it. We're going to say, look, every other place in America is off limits to you, except San Francisco. You want to blow up the Coit Tower? Go ahead."
This video is my response... 

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At 5:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of the people who choose to live in S. F. are ideologically steeped in the farthest left of the political spectrum. Shall we say anarchists, communists and/or socialists? You hate America the way it is and the way it's been since it's founding. By your anti-tradition, anti-military, anti-tolerant views, it is easy to draw the conclusion that you'd rather be unprotected than have the help of the government and the military if your city was attacked. But the natural reaction of your type is to take this out of context and say Mr. O'Reilly is inciting violence. He is merely trying to show how ridiculous the far left can be. Most of us already know that though.

At 12:29 PM, Anonymous len said...

This is a response to anonymous above, FWIW, not a comment on the video

The idea that most San Franciscans are "ideologically steeped in the farthest left of the political spectrum" is, sadly, untrue. It is true that this city is significantly more progressive than the US generally. It's also true that one can be an anarchist or most any kind of socialist and find some degree of political resonance and even a modicum of political influence on some local issues.

However, here as elsewhere in the US, money has most of the power and monied media controls the perceptions of the masses. What is different is that there are more people here who grasp this reality and oppose it in creative ways.

One of these ways, which may yet take off, has been the nascent movement to secede San Francisco from the US. This well predates Mr. O'Reilly's endorsement of our efforts. Far from feeling Bill is inciting violence against us, we'd rather think he's in agreement, which is what the video is all about.

You are quite welcome to consider this idea ridiculous as well as each of the other twenty or so movements to secede states (Vermont was most recently in the news) and locales (Cascadia et al.) and ideologically. You can also consider the collapse of the Soviet Union to be ridiculous. It was certainly considered in the USSR until just before it happened.

As for "far left", your standards of centrist, being derived from the parochial viewpoint of the US, undoubtedly sees many San Franciscans that way and even "most" San Franciscans on some issues. However, if you chose a less narrow view of things, and instead considered the political views of the world generally and especially that of the European nations and South Americans, you'd actually find San Franciscans to be centrist and the rest of the US "ultra-right". This is one of several reasons why it does make sense for San Francisco to become independent of the US.

I find the list of "anti's" you ascribe to us to be quite interesting as well. "Anti-military" does work, for sure. We just passed an anti-recruitment on college campuses measure and have repeatedly voted against war in strong majority. I don't know what's wrong with not wanting to kill civilians and others in countries which are mostly poor and mostly non-white, but then I don't think of myself as "American" except in terms of hemispheres, so I suppose I just don't get the joy of slaughter, the beauty of mass destruction, or the esthetics of the military state generally.

"Anti-tradition"? That one's a puzzle for sure. Most people I know celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, even though they may not think of themselves as "Amerikans" or Christians. True, some celebrate Beltane or Kaaza or Hannakah, but aren't these simply different traditions? I live in the Mission, one of the more "leftist" neighborhoods in the city, and, with it's large Latin population, also one of the more traditional. The heritage of liberation theology makes this anything but a contradiction. We've also evolved many traditions of our own, from Gay Pride Week to 420 to Critical Mass and more. These may not be exclusively San Franciscan or even have originated here, but they are traditions we uphold and celebrate, so it's really difficult to understand what you mean here, unless perhaps you are refering to "traditional families".

That one brings us to "anti-tolerant" without skipping a beat but with hearty laughter rising up in the background. Who is it that supports loving couples of whatever gender being able to marry? Who is it that opposes this? Where is it that being gay is not a social or employment issue but means instead that you are part of visible, contributing community with significant political clout? So who is "anti-tolerant" here? BTW, I myself am not gay, but as a San Franciscan, I do support the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people fully.

Continuing with tolerance, San Francisco, in spite of the lobbying of local special interest groups composed primarily of elite homeowners, has strongly supported medical cannabis and implemented that support practically. This is a matter of respect for the sick and the dying and the rights of individual self-determination absent any demonstrable social harm. I'd say that's about tolerance too, and that the US generally is sorely lacking in it here as elsewhere.

We have the full spectrum of diversity present in our city which is home to virtually every ethnicity on earth. But we don't have hostile, warring ethnic clashes here. We have some "gangs" but virtually no gang wars. It's a friendly city where helpfulness is far more common than aggression. I think that's tolerance too.

Meanwhile the US drifts farther and farther toward the archetypes of fascism, wages war with white phosphorous against women and children, wraps itself in a flag-festooned paranoia that refuses to even consider, much less answer the many questions that arise from nearly everything they are told by their government, and declares a kind of cultural warfare against its traditional European allies, and now against our own city.

I say enough is enough is enough. Free San Francisco! We've been saying this for years now. Glad to know that Bill O'Reilly agrees. That's what this is about, anonymous.

At 7:18 PM, Anonymous liz said...

I agree with Len. Bill O'Reilly is so right of center if he kept going he'd run into himself. He is well known for being intolerant and prejudiced against anyone who isn't like himself, white, male and right wing extremist. San Francisco is a unique and beautiful city and when I lived in Northern California I was always heartened that in state and national elections, at least the area I lived in voted the way I did. Now I'm an anomaly in the High Desert of San Bernardino County. Good video, Josh.

At 8:26 AM, Anonymous Sam said...

As your president is so fond of saying, "That's democracy at work", isn't this what it's all about. The people of San Francisco, as well as the people of every other city, have the right to say and do whatever they think in right. As a vetran I was willing to lay it all on the line to gaurantee that right. I may not agree with all they do, but I will defend to the death their right do do it.

At 4:38 PM, Blogger t said...

So brave of Mr. Anonymous to post with that moniker. Apparently since you're so critical of SF you don't know much about it and you haven't been there much. But in case you hadn't noticed, it's not just San Fran that doesn't trust Monkey Boy. He's distrusted by 60% of people in one nationwide survey. Quite frankly, do you want to be aligned with a man who is willing to endanger our young people in a war when his puppetmaster, um, I mean advisor Karl Rove is still employed by the Executive Branch even though he has compromised the security of CIA agents? Again, congrats on posting anonymously. That took as much courage as your leader.

At 11:13 PM, Blogger R said...

Interestingly enough, O'REilly never served in the military, and I don't see his kids standing in line to get recruited.

At 8:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't inviting an attack by Al Queda on an American city an act of treason? That seems to overstep freedom of the press.


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