Friday, November 04, 2005

LA Coverage of Yesterdays protest

LA Coverage WMV File
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I was perusing Crooks and Liars today and came across an interesting video of NBC 4's coverage of the World Can't Wait protest.

On the surface, the most interesting aspect of the coverage was the story's lead, Traffic was an absolute mess in Westwood tonight as hundreds of protestors marched through the streets to demonstrate against the Bush administration" Ok, so that might not sound any alarms to you, but think about it... If you parse it, the story isn't about hundreds of protestors, but about traffic being an "absolute mess." But I guess that's LA for you...

Another interesting bit is that the story was titled Bush Protests, and yet, Michael Youn the counter-demonstrater is supered with "Supports US Troops." Which is it NBC, an Anti-bush or an Anti-Troops demonstration? I guess even Mr. Youn doesn't want to be associated as a Bush supporter. Bush Protests is also a very dodgy title for the piece as the meaning is quite ambiguous. It almost sounds like Bush is the one doing the protesting, but, you know what they say: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

I actually met Angie Crouch, the reporter for the story about a year ago during the Reclaim the Commons convergence in San Francisco. While hiking through edge of SOMA, I retreated into a McDonalds, the only restaurant in sight, and while I'm eating my "food," an NBC newsvan pulls in and Angie and her cameraman stop in for their lunch break.

I, of course, seize the opportunity to engage the MSM working professionals about their coverage of the protests and have a nice chat while we... um... dine? A couple days later, after the Mutant Street Party Angie interviewed me about the mass arrests at the protest and asked about the activists participating in jail solidarity.

Interesting to come across her work online, I hadn't realized she had moved up to the #2 Market. I wonder if she misses the bay area? I know I would.


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