Friday, October 14, 2005

The Phoenix

The Phoenix

About a year ago I took a Digital Video class at San Francisco State. This video was my final project for the class. The Phoenix is comprised of two of my short films sandwiched adjacent to each other.

The first film is titled Cause for Concern and was shot on a 16mm bolex camera and edited on film. The film stars Pooja Jain and Ben Salisbury and features music by AFI and Jeffries Fan Club

The second film was created as a title sequence for my public access show citiZine a while back and is a video mash-up cut to Rage Against the Machine.

This film is actually quite personal. Both in regards to my departure from majoring in film at school and shooting in 16mm, but both segments in the film represent two very different stages in my life. If you get the opportunity, please do let me know what you think. Thanks!


At 6:06 PM, Blogger R said...

It's interesting to see the difference between the 16mm film and the video. Film is more expensive and precious, the crafting of the story is more involved. Video allows for more journalistic content. I still like to watch that old grainy newsreel protest footage though.

The phoenix is a great name for it. That is one of my favorite symbols of rebirth.

At 1:46 AM, Blogger Richard BF said...

Unfortunately the sound mix for the first put me off, the music drowns out a lot of the monologue.

But I love the second one, it's great.


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