Thursday, October 06, 2005

Go Fuck Yourself Mr. Cheney Music Video

Dr. Ben Marble made headlines last month when he told Dick Cheney, "Go Fuck Yourself." The incident was captured on national television, and I recently came across Ben's site and found the video Ben's friend shot of Katrina's wreckage that day and the now famous outburst. At the end of the 34:00 minute is a music video that Ben's band, Dr. O put together.

Click on the picture to see the Dr. O video.


At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Josh for making it easy for us to revel in solidarity with Ben. Damn, ending the video with the footage of what used to be his neighborhood was perfect. It is glorious to see that "Mr. Cheney" is hearing from the average joe about the ineptitude of his flimsy facade of legitimacy. I thought is was funny that the "Fuck you" was sort of quiet but adament. And of course that he was addressed as "MR. Cheney". Awesome. Thanks for gleaning the good shit and putting it up for us to all to enjoy Josh. Fucking keep it up brother.

At 12:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you guys enjoyed the vid.
I need all the help I can get to spread the message. here is an update...
Go Fuck Yourself Mr. Cheney UPDATE....

Well my story has received an overwhelming amount of
global mass media coverage on a global scale including
but not limited to Time, Newsweek, Harpers, The Daily
Show, Good Morning America, Letterman, CNN, MSNBC,
Hustler,etc. Rolling Stone even called it the "BEST
TELEVISED SOUND BITE OF THE YEAR". Our website has had over 900,000
hits as of yesterday. I have received approx. 4000
emails 95% of which have been supportive. I recently
wrote and recorded the dR. O tune 'GO FUCK YOURSELF
MR. CHENEY' and managed to produce a video for the
same. And the video we shot OURSELVES is taking the
internet by storm with thousands of downloads a day
and that pace is still rapidly growin and so I wonder
have you had a chance to watch OUR video yet???? this
is NOT the 30 second cnn/msnbc video that has been
circulation the web...this is over 30 minutes of
footage we shot ourselves on the day of my encounter
with The Dick that I had auctioned off on EVILBAY.

you should be able to download it here

or here

Last week I had announced that I will be donating 50%
of the profits from the EBAY auctions/ sales at to my life long friend
Jay Scully who was the actual cameraman on the day I
ran into The Dick. He and his wife both lost their
jobs due to the storm and they recently had a
premature infant born at 24 weeks who was just finally
allowed to come home i.e. they need help. The other
50% will be donated to the SALVATION ARMY since my
grandmother worked for them for several decades. (I am
not keeping any of it to take away the right wings
ammo in their criticism that I am trying to profit off
of the misery of Katrina even though I did lose my
home and my studio).

I will also be working on trying to make a movie about
Katrina and the aftermath. I have shot about 17 30
minute mini-dvd's of video starting just before
Katrina hit and I will eventually edit that down into
a film. I also recently received notification from a
tv production company that wants to make a 'made for
tv movie' using my footage.

My rock bands Yoon ( ) and dR. O
( ) have received a ton of
positive feedback and I am in the process of trying to
see about getting some 'press kits' to the 'right
people' and setting up some gigs in Los Angeles and
New York.

If you can help me to spread my story and/or just want
to talk feel free to email

Ben Marble, M.D.
ps if you have the time you may find the following
articles interesting to read


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