Thursday, August 11, 2005

Current Criteria

Current Criteria
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This is from an ongoing dialogue from the metaCurrent group in the Current TV Studio:

It all goes back to the marketplace of ideas.

Current is trying to slowly break down the old media paradigm through a process of gradual reform. The very same strategy which I feel plagues the Democratic party as a whole. While small advances can be made through these reform strategies, the goal wil never be realized. A media revolution is necessary.

The personal media revolution is going on as we speak, and Current has the opportunity to be on the forefront of this tidal shift as the rules about who controls the media rapidly change.

Instead Current has decided to go in a different direction as they set out to become the television homepage for the 18-34 year old set. While this is a worthwhile pursuit, and I'm sure a vast catalogue of entertaining content will result through this endevour, Current TV will not democratize television by simply allowing viewers to weigh-in with their opinion. Unless the green-light voting process allows studio members to have a direct impact on the Current's programming than it is market research and not an act of empowerment.

The launch party for Current TV on April 4th was coined Take Back Your TV. Let's do that...

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At 12:47 PM, Blogger R said...

Current seems like a waste of time if you are already videoblogging with a live RSS feed - the world is already your audience, and they are already deciding if they like your content by subscribing directly to your feed.

I appreciate the human filter factor, but do we need another "uberfilter" monitoring what people see and somehow capitalizing off of it by siphoning it over to cable?


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