Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Ultimate Mobile Editing Solution

Geek My Ride
Originally uploaded by Insurgent.
Steve Garfield found a pretty cool Lexus on the floor of Macworld in Boston. Falling under the category of "Geek My Ride," this car which thankfully is not an SUV offers two video editing stations running off two Apple Xsan servers; the car also features a projector that juts out of the sunroof for the ultimate guerilla drive-in experience. Click on the picture to check out Steve's video.


At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Che said...

Like WTF does this counter-revolutionary, elitist, consumerism have to do with anarchism?

WTF does some idiot's "How American are You" have to do with class struggle?

I wandered through your blog and think you should either find a new self-definition or else reread -- or maybe read -- the works of real anarchists and decide if you really have what it takes to stand alongside Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman, Peter Kropotkin, the IWW, and the Haymarket Martyrs or if you even want to.

You strike me as a poser, a dillettante, and the privileged child of bourgeois parents who has never suffered or dealt with the implications of his own privilege.

Anarchist? Don't make me laugh.

At 4:01 PM, Blogger Insurgent said...

You're absolutely right, a good portion of my website has little or nothing to do with anarchy; just as a good portion of my life has little to do with being an anarchist.

Some of the stuff is trivial bullshit such as that silly little quiz; and the editing bay is obviously consumerist crap; however, had the same equipment been tucked into a biodiesel bus it would be a very effective tool. Obviously the application of the technology at MacWorld is going to be over-hyped and focused on bling.

If you'd like to sit down and talk anarchist theory and its history then drop me an e-mail and we can do that. But don't call me a poser if you're going to hide behind an anonymous identity as "che." At least I'm up front about who I am, you're just preaching from a obscured pedastol.

Yes, I am the product of a privileged upbringing; I am blessed with opportunities that many will never have, but where do you get off telling me that I haven't dealt with the implications of coming from the background I come from.

Anyhow, che -- I look forward to hearing more from you; but... something tells me you'd rather hide behind your anonymous comments as opposed to working towards building community and making real change. Of course, my blind assumptions could be wrong, just as yours may prove to be as well.

At 12:02 PM, Blogger ~ FluxRostrum said...

One persons consumerist crap is anothers

I'd sure like for someone to "Geek my Ride".

It's just a tool and as such IMO would be defined by the user.

I mean, just because revolutionaries can't afford it doesn't mean it couldm't serve the movement.

My only question is what is powering that shit? I edit in my van from time to time with 2 extra car batterys running my equipment for about 10 hours and my equipment doesn't suck near as much power as that set up would. .. So what's powering the editing stations and how long can they run?


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