Sunday, July 10, 2005

My Videoblog is mentioned in Salon!

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Hey check out this article written by Farhad Manjoo.
Josh Wolf, a 23-year-old college student who lives in San Francisco, is a filmmaker. Wolf is not, it's important to note, an aspiring filmmaker, that well-known species of young auteur willing to bide time in a series of tedious, steppingstone entertainment-biz jobs just to get a foot in Hollywood's front door. No, Wolf is the sort of filmmaker who actually makes films -- dozens of them, whenever the mood strikes him, about whatever he finds compelling. In recent months, a name for what Wolf does has come into fashion -- video blogging, or (gasp) "vlogging," -- but Wolf's films aren't simply a video version of a blog. Wolf is instead one of a number of tech-age documentarians who are setting up shop on the Web, a young person with a camera, a computer, server space, and a gut instinct for what's exciting and controversial and merits recording. To Wolf, that includes antiwar marches, anti-military protests, and lefty mayoral campaigns.
Wow, I can't believe Farhad had such positive things to say about me, I'm jazzed. Thank you. Oh yeah, and be sure to check out the rest of the article to find out more about what people are saying about Current TV.

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At 1:37 AM, Blogger Toan Lam said...

That's awesome Josh! It's always nice to get noticed for your hard work. When you're passionate about something, it shows -- I'm sure you'll get more recognition, but most importantly, it (your work)will get people out there thinking...

And as far as CURRENT TV, if you anyone out there has comments, questions or concerns, it's imporant to voice them--whether it's on your blog or to CURRENT directly. Like voting, you can't complain unless you don't let your voice be heard.

If CURRENT wants exclusive rights over your work and monopolize over your work, it seems contradictory to what they say they are setting out to do. We'll just have to wait and see come August when they launch.


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