Monday, July 11, 2005

All Empires Must Fall

All Empires Must Fall
Originally uploaded by Insurgent.
Update:Anarchist Action has released a communique regarding the event documented in this video.
The difference between an anarchist approach to organizing a march and typical authoritarian leftist and liberal methods is that the latter seeks to control the actions of the participants, often squashing attempts at direct action. Authoritarian leftist and liberal groups favor routine, symbolic protests and beg for reforms from the ruling class. This does little in terms of actual resistance to the war or to whatever social condition is being opposed. An anarchist approach rejects all forms of authority and therefore does not set protest laws or try to keep people within boundaries- we believe in freedom and when we take to the streets that is the atmosphere we want. Anarchist Action does not coordinate, plan or participate in direct action, economic sabotage, or any other similar actions, we simply organize a protest space in which people may autonomously enact a diversity oftactics, and express their resistance in whatever way they choose.
This is a first-person account of the protest that occured in San Francisco on the evening of July 8th, 2005. This protest recieved an exceptional amount of attention due to the injury of a police officer during a scuffle towards the end of the protest. This video makes use of all natural sound.


At 8:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

SF Gate story on the attacked officer.

At 3:45 PM, Anonymous liz said...

Actually, the original protest model used in the Civil Right's movement of the early 1960's encouraged direct action, such as sit-ins, registering people to vote, as well as school integration and marches. The reason they were so successful was that they did extensively train their protest volunteers to non-violently resist violence. In peaceful resistance to extreme police brutality the entire country could see that the "bad guys" were the cops and the sheriffs being directed by racist public officials such as Governor Wallace. When protests become violent, even if it violence against buildings and not against people, it escalastes the potential level of violence and when the general public sees that, it doesn't see a clear right and wrong, y and is less likely to truly mobilize enough people and public opinion to create change.


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