Friday, June 17, 2005

KRON 4 News - Blogger Meetup

KRON Meet-up
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On June 11, 2005, KRON 4 News hosted it's inaugural bay area bloggers meet-up. About 100 people showed up including personal media revolutionaries, Craig Newmark, and JD Lasica whose book Darknet explores "hollywood's war against the digital generation" thoroughly and in a thought-proviking manner. Look for a video-review of Darknet in the next few days.

Additionally, i ran into a couple of guys from Technorati along with someone from Feedster.

Brain Shields, whose heading up KRON's exploration in blogging spoke along with KRON's president Mark Antonitis, as did Terry Heaton, a well respected blogger from Nashville who will be working on this endeavor.

As some of you may know, KRON recently announced that they would be pursuing a VJ or Video Journalist model for its newsgathering. While these two developments are not directly related, they certainly reveal a changing face for KRON TV here in San Francisco.

Of course, I'm sure almost all of you are aware of another San Francisco station exploring citizen journalism, Current TV. Here is the video from Current TV's inaugural event and their Meet the Producers booth. Clearly a different approach.

The KRON Meet-up video makes use of the David Rovics song After the Revolution.

(If you'd like to view the KRON Meet-up video in full screen. I'll be posting a link to an index page for the 50mb 640x480 h264 video.)

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I like the techniques you used to edit the dialogue, very smooth. I really like these people. I feel they are sincere and trustworthy, or at least they seem to be so.


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