Thursday, June 09, 2005

How You Too Can Join the Videoblogging Revolution!

Since most of you probably are already well aware of these resources, I'll make this brief. I've been asked a couple times how to create a vlog and also how you can go about putting up screenshots on your vlog.

First off, if you want to make a vlog -- check out the amazing site that Ryanne Hodson and Michael Verdi recently put together, Freevlog! Freevlog will explain 95% of what I did and do to create my videoblog.

Here are a couple things that I do differently that you might want to think about. First off, when I take a screen-shot of my quicktime video, I use shift-command-4 and then hit the space bar rather than selecting the frame by hand.

I also use a Flickr account, rather than to publish the photo with the Flickr uploader (Clicking on link will download file for OS X). I then use the flickr interface and I click the "post to blog" link. Once the post has been made, I change the link for the picture to that of the movie file location and like that, you've got yourself a videoblog.


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