Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bush Pardon's Seven

From CNN:
Some pardons, like the one President Ford gave Richard Nixon in 1974, protect recipients from going to jail or cut short their sentences. But Bush has granted clemency mainly to allow people who committed relatively minor offenses and long ago served their sentences to clear their names

If you've ever been convicted of a crime, now's the time to write to George Bush and ask for a pardon -- look at it this way, if Bush says "No" then you can add your own name to a rant about how Bush has no heart; he refused to pardon you for the crime you didn't commit. If he says "Yes" then you can be part of the elite club that have recieved a Presidential pardon. Here's your chance to have something in common with Richard Nixon. Write now, only 1000 some-odd days until we get rid of the asshole...


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