Saturday, February 05, 2005

"Not Much Money"

So I recently auditioned to host a talk show on PC-TV, a community television station out of Laney College in Oakland. The show is called Talk Back and for the audition I was supposed to pretend that I was interviewing the United Nations' Director of Foreign Affairs -- the only problem, there is no Director of Foreign Affairs for the UN. The UN is supposed to be a politically independent body so it wouldn't have a Director of Foreign Affairs, maybe a Director of International Relations, but not Foreign Affairs. I told them such. They told me I was correct. The audition went well.

After the on-camera skit, we went through the requisite discussion of the job. And we get to, "It's not much money, but we're looking for someone who isn't doing it for the money." Well, I'm pretty much down for "not much money," no matter how little "not much money" means; but those three words can encompass such a wide scale. I remember raking leaves for "not much money" and was "handsomly rewarded" with $7 for 9 hours of work, mind you, I think I was at least 16 at the time.

On the flip side, "not much moeny" when I was doing lasers at clubs in Los Angeles usually meant at least $100 for a night's work.

The thing is, I'd like to quite slinging clothes for the devil, Gap Inc, and with an extra $50 a week it's totally doable. Otherwise, I guess I continue this wage-slave charade...


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